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Dyeing auxiliaries are defined as chemicals or formulated chemicals which enables a processing operation in dyeing to be carried out more effectively. Dyeing auxiliaries includes dye fixing agents, cationizing agent, dispersing & leveling agents etc. They help in stabilizing the dyeing bath to improve the exhaustion, achieve level dyeing and improve fastness properties.
Dyeing auxiliaries positively changes the look of textile goods and are vital for value-addition, upgrading, and improving the quality of textiles. Textile dyeing auxiliaries make textiles modern, functional, high-grade, and contemporary.
Dyeing auxiliaries are fine chemical products used in textile printing and dyeing. Auxiliaries for dyeing include auxiliaries to cotton, polyester, wool and nylon, as well as auxiliaries that can be used for printing. Dyeing auxiliary can be categorized as Dispersing agents, Leveling agents, Dye Fixing agents, Alkali Buffers, Washing off agents and Anti-creasing agents

Textile dyes are used in dyeing textile materials with aqueous media. Dyeing auxiliaries are used along with dyes in the dyeing bath or post dyeing to achieve even and better results along with desired fastness property.

Products manufactured by Sylic Global are based on years of strong research andexperience. Our extensive product line allows you to get the best out of your desired colors. Our dyeing auxiliaries give colors the desired brilliancy and desired depth with best fastness properties.

They provide the required color fastness and maintain their color without affecting the shade, so that color brilliancy and depth can be preserved for a longer period of time.

Continuous innovation in products and processes helps to save time, energy and natural resources. Our products are non-foaming, eco-friendly and non-toxic to aquatic organisms. This ensures that you get the best color yield at lower costs.
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