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The principle is simple: With better interfacial bonds between dissimilar materials, the desirable properties of each component can be carried throughout a composite material. This means that component properties are maintained or, in some cases, enhanced. Putting this principle to work for our customers, we has developed silane coupling agents that can help optimize mechanical, electrical, thermal and other properties of an end product.
Additionally, these agents can help avoid some of the drawbacks of traditional coupling agents, such as premature vulcanization of a tire compound, or loss of flexural strength in a glass-reinforced composite exposed to high heat and moisture.
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We offers advanced agents for coupling resins with minerals, fiber reinforcements and other fillers. As part of it’s diverse portfolio of silane coupling agents that can help improve:
Resiliency of insulation batts
Wet strength retention
Thermal and electrical properties
Integrity, protection and handling of reinforcing fibers
Composite strength and toughness
Abrasion resistance
Rolling resistance, traction and wear
Processing characteristics of our advanced coupling agents can lead to higher efficiencies, and thus lower costs in manufacturing. Enhanced shelf stability, rheology control, filler dispersion, as well as fewer mixing steps and faster cure, all are typical benefits that our coupling agents offer customers to help improve their bottom lines.
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