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Dyeing auxiliaries play a vital role in improving the wash-fastness of the fabric in the textile industry. In order to achieve the desirable exhaustion level, improved dyeing properties and thereby, stabilizing the dyeing bath. At Sylic Global, other special dyeing auxiliary are optimally utilized to the various dyeing parameters. The best part about our dyeing auxiliaries range is its eco-friendly composition for a sustainable & better future of the textile industry.
Why Choose Our Other Dyeing Auxiliares Manufactured 
By Sylic Global?
With the advent of technology and the growing need to optima textile processing operations, Sylic Global has come up with different dyeing auxiliares. From treating fabrics during textile processing which enables a processing operation in dyeing to be carried out more effectively, to achieving superior results in improving fabric properties, our products are dependable. Here are some advantages of dyeing auxiliaries manufactured after extensive research:
Improves the quality of the fabric
Biodegradable product
Improve follow-up efficiency
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