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Textile Auxiliary Anticreasing Agent
Anti-creasing agent is a kind of dyeing auxiliary, which can be used in wet finishing finishing agent of any fiber fabric which is prone to form wrinkles, creases, chicken paw prints and abrasion marks. To minimize the formation of creases during the textile processing stage, SYLIC GLOBAL manufactures premium quality anti-creasing agents that provide ultimate wrinkle resistance to garments. We focus on innovative methods to maintain fabric quality and prevent textiles from being damaged by various elements.
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Why Choose Anticreasing Agent Manufactured 
By Sylic Global?
With the precisely defined methodology and innovation, we have formulated textile auxiliaries that are eco-friendly and effective. Our professional team at Sylic Globl ensures that wet processing in the textile industry gets executed accurately & safely. Apart from this, the following characteristics of anti-creasing makes it resourceful in textile processing:
Prevents creases and wrinkles in textile wet processing
Improves the quality of the fabric
Retains the luster of the fabric
Thin protective layer is formed around the fiber
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