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The leveling agent in polyester dyeing enhances dye migration without substantially accelerating the exhaustion of dye onto the fabric being dyed.
The textile dyeing processing plays a crucial role in enhancing properties of the fabric. Be it in terms of comfort, fastness due to shade variations or dealing with the manufacturing defects, it is essential to focus on the key parameters of dyeing process including capillary effect, surface tension, polar action and surface unevenness to attain the desired effect. Our product is suitable for producing better yield, correct depth of the fabric and employ the action of controlled exhaustion in the textile processing operations.
Why Choose Levelling Agent Manufactured 
By Sylic Global?
From increasing the added value of textile to maintaining uniformity in the dyeing processing, our levelling agent delivers efficient and cost-effective solution for textile industry. Here are some reasons to choose leveling agents from SYLIC GLOBAL:

Migration of dye after unlevel sorption on the fabric.
Exhaustion can be controlled to bring uniformity in dyeing processes
Efficiency of levelling agent can be tested by determining the active content
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