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  • The Technological Development Of Biological Enzymes


    The development of biological enzymes has been a crucial area of research in the field of biotechnology. Over the past few decades, advances in technology have enabled the discovery and development of novel enzymes with improved properties, leading to new applications in various industries. Read More
  • The Role Of Amino Silicone Oil


    Amino silicone oil is a type of silicone oil that contains amino functional groups. It is widely used in various industries due to its unique properties and advantages. Amino silicone oil is commonly used in textile, paper, cosmetics, and personal care products. Read More
  • The Main Function Of Smoothing Agent In Textile Printing And Dyeing Industry


    In the textile printing and dyeing industry, smoothing agents play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of the finished products. These agents are used to improve the surface smoothness of the fabric and enhance its overall appearance. Read More
  • The Introduction Of Thickeners


    Thickeners are a class of substances that are used to increase the viscosity or thickness of liquids. They are commonly used in food and cosmetic products, as well as in industrial applications. Read More
  • The Introduction Of Several Common Fixing Agents


    Fixing agents are chemical compounds used in textile processing to improve the color fastness of fabrics. They are applied after dyeing to ensure that the dye molecules bond to the fabric fibers, preventing them from washing out or fading. Read More
  • What Are The Common Fabric Finishing Process?


    Fabric finishing can be roughly divided into the following aspects according to its finishing purpose: 1. To make the fabric door width neat, size and shape stability. Belonging to this kind of finishing is fixed width, shrinkage and wrinkle prevention and heat shaping, etc., known as shaping finishing. 2. Improve the feel of the fabric. Such as stiffening finishing, soft finishing. This kind of finishing can use mechanical methods, chemical methods or both together to deal with the fabric, in order to achieve the purpose of finishing. 3. Improve the appearance of fabric. Such as gloss, whiteness, drape and so on. There are rolling finishing, whitening finishing and other finishing to improve the surface properties of the fabric. 4. Improvement of other taking properties. Such as flame retardant cotton fabrics, water repellency, health finishing; chemical fibre fabrics hydrophilic, anti-static, anti-pilling finishing. Read More
  • Unveiling the Power of Water Repellent Agents: Enhancing Protection and Durability


    Water repellent agents are revolutionizing the textile industry, providing fabrics with exceptional water resistance and durability. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the world of water repellent agents, examining their benefits, application methods, and the importance of their role in enhancing fabric protection. Read More
  • The Introduction Of Mercerized Wool Smoothing Agent


    Mercerized wool is a type of wool that has been treated with caustic soda or sodium hydroxide to give it a smoother, more lustrous appearance. This process also increases the strength and durability of the wool fibers, making them less prone to shrinkage and wrinkling. Read More
  • The Dosage Control And Application Range of Silicone Release Agent


    Quick Links:Water Repellent: All Silicone Products: Construction waterproof materials:https://skygrou Read More
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