Textile Pretreatment Auxiliaries

Pre-treatment is considered as the heart of textile processing. The adequate pre-treatment of textile goods is essential for the subsequent fault-free colouration and finishing processes.
In its greige form, the textile fibres may have many added or acquired impurities, which need to be optimally and effectively removed depending on the further steps of processing. A good pre-treatment ensures good uniformity and reproducibility.
In the context of textile processing, pre-treatment includes desizing, scouring and bleaching of textile. Pre-treatment of textile removes impurities and makes the fabric hydrophilic, thus resulting in a ready substrate for further subsequent wet processing.
It helps in achieving exceptional results in subsequent processes like dyeing, printing and finishing. By removing oil, wax, pectin and other impurities from textiles, pre-treatment chemicals make the textiles absorbent, whiter and create a base for further processing. The pre-treatment process is essential for textile dyeing, printing and finishing processes.
We also realize the importance of preserving the environment. And that’s why we take special care to ensure that all the textile auxiliaries that we create are eco-friendly and non-toxic to aquatic organisms. The pre-treatment chemicals shouldn't trade-off between the environment and high performance. Our pre-treatment auxiliaries offer the highest level of safety and minimize the environmental impact. By ensuring that products and processes are optimally synchronized, we ensure the saving of critical resources.
We have a wide range of textile pre-treatment chemicals suitable for several applications. Our products are a testimony of years of experience in the research and development of speciality chemicals. We have a team of well-qualified researchers and engineers with latest infrastructure.
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