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The function of the organic silicon defoamer is to eliminate the foam formed in the production process. Its application field is also very wide, and it is becoming more and more valued by all walks of life. Organic silicon defoamer in chemical industry, papermaking, coatings, food, textiles, pharmaceuticals and other industrial sectors are an indispensable additive in the production process. It can not only remove the foam on the production process of the production process, thereby improving filtration and filtration. Washing, extraction, distillation, evaporation, dehydration, drying and other processes are separated, gasification, and discharge, etc., to ensure the capacity of various types of materials and the capacity of the container.
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Our defoamers are highly targeted and specific, and it has a series of characteristics different from non-silicon defoamers: it has insoluble, low surface tension, good thermal stability, high chemical stability, strong physiological inertia, and high surface activity, it has many advantages, such as no chemical reaction, no pollution, fast defoaming, long defoaming time, little dosage, wide application, no poison, no smell, no pollution and so on. Apply to paper industry, fermentation industry, metal processing industry, bio-engineering, sewage treatment engineering, textile printing and dyeing, washing, oil field, chemical and other fields of anti-foaming.
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