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Textile Auxiliary Soaping Agent

Removal of excess unfixed dye present on the fiber surface is an important point to obtain a dyed product with excellent fastness.
From the perspective of increasing awareness of environmental impact issues, strengthening wastewater regulations, and improving production efficiency, we are now rinsing with less water. The use of a suitable soaping agent is essential for efficient removal of unfixed dyes as the bath ratio used in the equipment is being reduced.
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Why Choose Soaping Agent Manufactured 
By Sylic Global?
Different types of dyes are used depending on the material, and it is important to select the appropriate soaping agent to match the dye in order to meet the fastness standard.
The soaping agent is developed not only for removing the unfixed dye but also for dispersing the removed dye in the bath and preventing re-adhesion to the fiber.
Improve fabric dyeing fastness and dyeing vividness
Improve fabric hand
Does not affect dye uptake, does not cause color change
Prevents dye re-staining
Water saving and energy saving effect is good
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