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Textile Auxiliary Silicone Oil

Basic silicon oil has a series of characteristics, such as colorless transparency, wide viscosity range (can be from 0.65 ~ 100000000mm2/s), small temperature viscosity coefficient, large expansion coefficient, low steaming pressure, high flash point, high and low temperature, weather resistance, radiation resistance resistance , Low -surface tension, high compression rate, antioxidant plasma, high insulation, shearing, film formation, water hate, removing foam, demolishing, high gloss, chemical inertia, non -corrosion and physiological It is inertia that these characteristics determine its broad use.
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With professional technical team and hardware and software resources, pay attention to technology r & D investment, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of product data. Due to the different requirements of downstream customers for silicone oil, Port is equipped with various types of testing instruments to meet the different requirements of customers, so as to make corresponding products. Moreover, Port as a whole is still optimizing and upgrading. Port constantly makes adjustments and improvements to its production processes and processes.
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