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Fixing agent is one of the important auxiliary agents in the printing and dyeing industry. It can improve the color fastness of dyes on fabrics to wet treatment. It can form insoluble colored matter with dyes on fabrics to improve the color fastness to washing and perspiration, and sometimes to improve its light fastness. Through continuous research and innovation, SYLIC GLOBAL uses multiple color fixing mechanisms to improve the color fastness indicators of dyed or printed fabrics such as washing, sunlight, friction resistance, acid and alkali resistance and chlorine resistance, so as to achieve satisfactory results.
Why Choose Fixing Agent Manufactured 
By Sylic Global?
With the precisely defined methodology and innovation, we have formulated textile auxiliaries that are eco-friendly and effective. Provides different content of fixing agent for different fabrics to meet the diverse needs of customers. Our professional team at Sylic Global ensures that dyeing processing in the textile industry gets executed accurately & safely. Apart from this, the following characteristics of fixing agent makes it resourceful in textile processing:
Improve the color fastness index of dyed or printed textiles
Wide adaptability of dyes
Strong affinity with fiber, high exhaustion rate in color fixing bath
Taking into account various color fastness indicators;
Does not affect fabric or yarn hand
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