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SYLIC GLOBAL offers a wide range of textile auxiliaries and chemicals for textile processing across the globe.
At SYLIC GLOBAL, we understand the significance of safeguarding the environment during pre-treatment process of textiles. With our wide range of textile pre-treatment auxiliaries, we focus on removing impurities from the fabric. With our safe pre-treatment process, we ensure good uniformity and reproducibility to the textile.
At SYLIC GLOBAL, we have formulated dyeing auxiliaries after extensive research and innovation. Our best-in-class product range offers colorfastness and desired brilliancy in the dyeing bath or post dyeing bath processes.​​​​​​​

At SYLIC GLOBAL, our high-grade printing auxiliaries work well with a broad spectrum of fabric colors and array of complex patterns. The technical priorities remain on comfort and aesthetic details of the fabric. Our extensive range of printing chemicals is amazingly compatible with multiple fabric varieties such as cotton, lycra, wool, polyester, linen, etc. The line of printing products consists of numerous textile auxiliaries for various printing methods.
SYLIC GLOBAL manufactures proven finishing auxiliaries that are eco-friendly and non-toxic. The performance of post treatment applications of textile finishing improves with these high-quality auxiliaries. Our uniquely and innovatively formulated finishing auxiliaries ensure fabric with soft handle, luster, wrinkle resistance and anti-slipping properties.​​​​​​​

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