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Despersing agents are used in dyeing of Polyester with disperse dyes to maintain the stability of dispersion throughout the dyeing process and imparts levelness in dyeing.
Traditional polyester dyeing has always been difficult due to the high crystalline structure of the fabric. It can further create hindrance in achieving dark shades in the dyeing process. Keeping in mind, these issues, Sylic Global has manufactured organic textile auxiliaries for smooth dyeing, thereby, contributing to a sustainable solution. With the help of our dyeing dispersing agent, we are making a difference in the textile industry by enhancing the uniformity of the application. The excellent penetration and level dyeing of our product reduces high strike rate of dyes.
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Why Choose Dispersing Agent Manufactured
 By Sylic Global?
The interruption or delayed results in the traditional dyeing process of polyester garments has been a major issue in the textile industry. In order to improve the levelling of disperse dyes on polyester fibres, we have manufactured organic and safe product for excellent dye migration without impacting the exhaust application of the fabric being dyed. Besides, the minimal colour bleeding is witnessed due to the increased dispersing agents in the dyeing processes of polyester and other fabrics through dyeing dispersing agent. Dispersing agent are effective enough to enhance the depth of color and other properties
It has good dispersion performance and can prevent filler particles from aggregating with each other.
High temperature dyeing auxiliary
Offers uniformity in dyeing process
Blends with disperse dyes
Concentrated and economical solution
Biodegradable product
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