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Thickener Sylic PR4220

PR4220 is a kind of acrylate polymer. Has good thickening ability, clear outline, brilliant color after printing. Can be also used for water or paste based thickening process.

  • PR4220
  • Sylic
  • 1204220

Product Description

Main Material

Acrylate polymer

Technical Indicators Appearance

Milky white t viscous liquid



Flash Point(°C)


Density ( 25°C),g/cm3 


Thickening Value (5%)(mPa.s) 


Performance and Characteristics

  • Excellent thickening ability, high paste forming rate. Can form smooth paste.

  • Good water holding ability, clear outline.

  • High pigment yield, brilliant color.

  • Good resistance to electrolyte. Compatible with printing paste and binder.

  • Good paste stability, easy topass the printing screen, no mildewy.

  • Formaldehyde and APEO free, environmental protection product.




CY-318B can be used as thickener for water or paste based system in the printing process.


Recommended Process

1. Pigment printing recipe

PR4220                               1.2-1.6%

Pigment                                x%

Binder                                 5-25%

Water or other chemicals     y%

Total                                    100%

2. Process flow

Paste preparation→Rotary or flat screen printing –Drying -Curing (150-160℃×1.5-3min)

Note: Detailed process should be adjusted according to preliminary tries.

Packaging and Storage

Packaging & Storage


Plastic drum net 130kg, can be stored for 6 months under room temperature and hermetic condition without exposure to sunlight.

 Three Main Packaging Types: Woven Bags/Plastic Barrels /IBC Drum

main packaging types



  • What is textile thickener?

    Thickeners used in textile printing are high molecular weight viscous compounds gave a sticky paste with water, which impart stickiness and plasticity to the printing paste. These thickeners facilitate to preserve the design outlines without spreading even under high pressure.

  • Why thickener is used in printing?

    Thickeners impart adhesivity and plasticity to the printing paste which can be applied on to the fabric without spreading and hold- ing the dye molecule at the desired place until the transfer of dye into the fabric and its fixation are complete.

  • What are chemical thickeners?

    Thickening agents, or thickeners, is the term applied to substances which increase the viscosity of a solution or liquid/solid mixture without substantially modifying its other properties; although most frequently applied to foods where the target property is taste, the term also is applicable to paints, inks, ...

  • What are the two main types of thickeners?

    There are two main types of thickening agent: starch-based (typically modified maize starch) and gum-based.

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