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Thickener Sylic PR4211

Has good color and good compatibility. Suitable for thickening of disperse dyes and pigment printing

  • PR4211

  • Sylic

  • 1204211

Product Description

Main Material

 Polyacrylic compound

Technical Indicators Appearance

Appearance light yellow viscous liquid



Performance and Characteristics

  • 1. High paste rate and rapid thickening.

  • 2. Deep color and good compatibility.

  • 3. Has good electrolyte resistance.

  • 4. The printing paste is stable and has good fluidity.

  • 5. It is easy to remove the paste when washing, and the fabric feels fluffy and soft.




Suitable for thickening of disperse dyes and pigment printing; especially for printing on blankets, various velvets, heavy needles, woven fabrics and polyester fibers with high permeability requirements. It can not only be used alone, but also can be used with sodium alginate paste and tamarind , Guar gum is mixed and used.


Recommended Process

1. Process formula:

PR4211        2-5%

Disperse dye   X%

Water              Y%

Total               100%

Process flow: color paste preparation→rotary screen or flat screen printing→suitable for low-temperature steaming and high-temperature baking and color development (180-185℃, 6-8min)→washing.

Please adjust the specific process as appropriate through the sample.

Packaging and Storage

Packaging & Storage

                                130 kg plastic drum, sealed and protected from light,

                                    the shelf life is 6 months at room temperature.

 Three Main Packaging Types: Woven Bags/Plastic Barrels /IBC Drum

main packaging types



  • What is textile thickener?

    Thickeners used in textile printing are high molecular weight viscous compounds gave a sticky paste with water, which impart stickiness and plasticity to the printing paste. These thickeners facilitate to preserve the design outlines without spreading even under high pressure.

  • Why thickener is used in printing?

    Thickeners impart adhesivity and plasticity to the printing paste which can be applied on to the fabric without spreading and hold- ing the dye molecule at the desired place until the transfer of dye into the fabric and its fixation are complete.

  • What are chemical thickeners?

    Thickening agents, or thickeners, is the term applied to substances which increase the viscosity of a solution or liquid/solid mixture without substantially modifying its other properties; although most frequently applied to foods where the target property is taste, the term also is applicable to paints, inks, ...

  • What are the two main types of thickeners?

    There are two main types of thickening agent: starch-based (typically modified maize starch) and gum-based.

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