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Characteristics And Application Of Agricultural Organic Silicone

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Agricultural organic silicone is a kind of special material which is modified by organic silicone compound and used in agricultural production. Most people may not understand agricultural silicone, it has many characteristics in agricultural production and a wide range of applications, this paper will be detailed analysis.

Firstly, agricultural organic silicone has good biodegradability.

This allows it to break down quickly into harmless substances in the natural environment without causing pollution to the ecological environment. Moreover, agricultural organic silicone has good permeability and diffusivity, can quickly penetrate into the plant body, improve the osmotic pressure of plant cells, enhance plant stress resistance and immunity, improve plant yield and quality

In addition, organic silicone can enhance the resistance of plants, including drought, cold, salt and alkali tolerance, disease and pest resistance. Organic silicone can form a layer of silicon film, wrap the plant surface, increase the smoothness and hardness of the plant surface, reduce the damage of external harmful substances.

Silicone can also improve the nutrient absorption capacity of plants, promote the growth and development of plants, increase the thickness of plant cell wall, improve the stability of cells, and thus increase the resistance to disease and yield of plants.

Finally, organic silicon can improve soil physical properties, enhance soil permeability, air permeability, water retention and fertility, reduce soil salinity and improve soil pH, so as to improve soil fertility and crop yield.

The following are the four common application scenarios of organic silicone:

organic silicone

1. Increase crop yields: organic silicone can improve disease resistance and yield of plants. In rice, wheat, corn, cotton and other crops, the application effect is very obvious, can increase the yield by more than 10%.

2. Improve farmland soil: organic silicone can improve farmland soil, improve soil fertility and yield. At the same time, organic silicone can reduce the toxic effect of heavy metals in soil, promote the growth and propagation of soil microorganisms, and improve the stability of soil ecosystem.

3. Protect fruit trees: Silicone can be used for pest control of fruit trees, to prevent the infection of viruses and bacteria, while improving the quality and taste of fruit.

4. Improve the lawn: silicone can also be used for lawn maintenance, can improve the quality and color of the lawn, improve the wear resistance and drought resistance of the lawn.

In short, as one of the agricultural auxiliaries, agricultural organic silicone is a chemical substance with special characteristics and wide application.

In the field of agriculture, agricultural organic silicone can be used as plant growth regulators, soil amendments, pesticides, fungicides and preservatives, etc., to provide effective technical support for agricultural production, has important significance.

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