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  • Why has the fastness of fabrics stored in the warehouse deteriorated?


    Why has the fastness of fabrics stored in the warehouse deteriorated?Because the dyestuff on the fabric has undergone heat migration. What is heat migration?Heat migration is a phenomenon that occurs when polyester dyed with disperse dyes is treated at high temperatures and the dyes are subjected to Read More

  • How to test the solid content of printing and textile auxiliaries?


    Dry a sample of a certain quality at a certain temperature under normal pressure for a certain period of time Read More

  • The application of fixing agents in dyeing


    The application of fixing agents in dyeingSome dyes can produce vivid colors during the dyeing process, their water-soluble groups may lead to poor wet processing fastness and serious fading and staining phenomena. This not only makes the appearance of the textile itself old-fashioned but also cause Read More

  • How Important The Water Quality Is On Textile Printing And Dyeing


    The Effect Of Water Quality On Textile Printing And Dyeing1.HARDNESSIt is generally accepted that a hardness of less than 500ppm has no effect on textile dyeing, and 200ppm is already very good quality water.The key is the content of metal ions, especially iron ions, which can lead to changes in col Read More

  • What are the wet heat setting processes?


    Polyamide and polyacrylonitrile fibers and their blended fabrics, and some polyester textured yarn fabrics mostly use a wet heat setting process Read More

  • treasure of chemcial------- softner flake


    Soft flakes are mainly fatty acid salts, which are more convenient to use. Cationic softener is a better product: the product is a special structure cationic Gemini surfactant, the special structure inhibits the head group separation force in the process of orderly aggregation, greatly improving the Read More

  • Printing Recipes


    Printing RecipesToday, we are going to introduce some printing recipesPrinting methods are roughly divided into the following classification:By printing style:Direct printingDischarge printingResist printingHand printingBy printing apparatus:Screen printingRoller printing Direct Printing[1]High pres Read More

  • What chemicals are used in denim washing?(2)


    Sixth. SurfactantSurfactant is a substance with fixed hydrophilic and oil-philic base group, which can be arranged directionally on the surface of solution and can significantly reduce the surface tension of solution. Surfactant has a wide range of applications in industrial production and daily lif Read More

  • What are the water permeability and waterproof tests (Ⅱ)?


    wicking can be used to test the water conductivity of the fabric Read More

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