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What is the role of low temperature soaping enzymes in the dyeing and finishing process?

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(1) Low-temperature scouring agent is an excellent compound of surfactant and hydrogen peroxide activator. It has excellent permeability and wettability. The effect of calcium and magnesium ions on pretreatment and dyeing.

(2) Using low-temperature scouring agent, it only needs 60-80 ℃ to pre-treat the fabric, which reduces energy consumption, reduces water consumption for pre-treatment, shortens production time, saves energy, reduces carbon emissions, and improves bursting. strong.

(3) The use of low-temperature soaping enzyme for fabric soaping after dyeing can reduce one process of hot water washing after soaping, effectively save water consumption, reduce energy consumption, and reduce sewage discharge; and the cleaning effect is good, and dyed fabrics have high color fastness , Feels good after soaping.

(4) Use soaping enzyme for soaping after dyeing knitted, woven fabrics and yarns, which is more effective than ordinary soaping agents in terms of soaping fastness and anti-staining color fastness; the recommended dosage is 0.5-1.0, 60 ~80℃×20min.

(5) When used in cotton fabric printing and anti-staining, it has super anti-staining effect, significantly improves the consistency of soaping effect, saves energy, water, and time, and is in line with the national policy of energy conservation, emission reduction, and cleaner production.

(6) When finishing, using antibacterial silicone oil to soften the fabric can improve the quality of the product, reduce the damage and spread of bacteria to the human body, and maintain the health of the people, which has high promotion and application value.

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