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Pretreatment Auxiliaries

Pretreatment auxiliaries are chemicals used in textile processing before dyeing or printing to prepare the fabric or yarn for better dye uptake, improved color fastness, and enhanced finishing effects. Here are some main products in this category:

Wetting Agent

Enhances surface wetting, enabling liquids to spread uniformly for improved coverage and penetration.

Emulsifying Degreaser

Efficiently tackles tough grease and grime, utilizing its emulsifying properties to break down and lift stubborn residues from surfaces.

Scouring Degreasing Agent

Effectively removes grease and stains from surfaces. It's widely used in industrial and household cleaning applications for its powerful degreasing properties.

Dispersing Sequestering Agent

Effectively disperses particles and chelates metal ions, preventing agglomeration and scale formation in various industrial processes.

Oxygen Bleaching Stabilizer

Is a compound used to inhibit the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, extending its shelf life and maintaining its effectiveness in various applications.

Wool Washing Agent

Specialized detergent for pre-processing wool. removes impurities, oils, and dirt, ensuring optimal cleanliness for higher quality yarns and fabrics.
These are some of the main types of pretreatment auxiliaries, each serving specific functions to prepare the fabric or yarn for subsequent dyeing, printing, or finishing processes.

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