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Printing Auxiliaries

Printing auxiliaries are chemicals used in the textile printing process to improve the printing quality, enhance color vibrancy, ensure proper adhesion of dyes or pigments to the fabric, and achieve desired printing effects. Here are two main products in this category:


Thickeners are used to increase the viscosity of printing pastes or inks, allowing for better control of print definition and preventing bleeding or spreading of colors on the fabric.


Binders help to fix the dyes or pigments onto the fabric surface during the curing or drying process, improving color fastness and wash resistanc
These are some of the main types of printing auxiliaries, each playing a crucial role in achieving high-quality and durable printed designs on textiles. Specific formulations and combinations of these chemicals can vary depending on the printing technique, fabric type, and desired printing effects.

Best-selling Printing Auxiliaries Product

Image Product Name Ionic Nature Application Dosage Details
// Disperse Printing Paste Sylic PR4250 (CY-317HB) Anionic Various fabrics 4.0-6.0% View detail »
// Binder Sylic PR4100A (CY-319E) Anionic Various fabrics 10.0-25.0% View detail »
// Pigment Printing Thickener Sylic PR4221 (CY-318E) Anionic cotton, polyester or their blends' pigment printing 1.5-2.0% View detail »
// Reactive Printing Thickener Sylic PR4200 (CY-316B) Anionic Paint, Blanket, Ink, Velvet, Cotton 1.5-2.0% View detail »
// Disperse Printing Thickener Sylic PR4211 (CY-317H) Anionic Polyester 2-5% View detail »
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