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What chan can be used for textile degreasing?

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Sources of oils in fabrics:

In the process of textile processing, in order to improve the fiber cohesion, protect the fiber strength and reduce the breakage rate, a large amount of spinning oil is added to synthetic fibers such as polyester and spandex during spinning, which contains lubricants and emulsifiers. , antistatic agent, etc. In addition, textile mills will be stained with some oil stains (such as motor oil, spindle oil, etc.) during weaving, storage and transportation.

The need for oil removal:

During dyeing and finishing, the oil must be washed away. If it is not washed before dyeing, the oil will form a "dye blocking film" on the polyester surface, preventing the dye from spreading and permeating evenly into the fiber. Therefore, it is easy to cause uneven coloring, resulting in dyeing defects such as color flowers and stains.

The principle of degreasing:

The essence of degreasing is the process in which the oil is emulsified and removed. In simple terms, the oil removal process can be roughly regarded as three steps: a. The adsorption of the oil removal agent on the surface of the fabric and oil, and the penetration and spreading of the solution; b. C. The oil is emulsified and solubilized in the solution-surfactant adsorption at the oil-water interface, and the micellar solubilization finally forms an oil-in-water emulsified dispersion system, which is uniformly dispersed in the solution, and finally removed by washing .

Points to note during degreasing:

Some degreasing agents blindly pursue the degreasing effect, but ignore the emulsifying (anti-staining) performance. Although the degreasing effect is good, the oil that falls off cannot be uniformly and stably dispersed due to the instability of the oily emulsion after degreasing. In the treatment liquid, it is easy to break the demulsification and re-stain on the fabric, resulting in cloud-like or mushroom-like dye repellent spots on the cloth surface or the formation of head and tail color difference, especially in the process of continuous oil removal.

Our product and applicable process recommendation:

1. Strong degreasing agent CY-115K series: It has good oil removal effect and has a certain emulsifying power. It is suitable for intermittent tank equipment with large bath.

2. Degreasing emulsifier CY-119 series: It has good emulsifying power, can effectively prevent the oil from returning to the cloth surface, and has a certain degreasing effect. It is suitable for open-width washing with less water and continuous type processing process.

3. CY-115C series of degreasing agent in the same bath: It has good degreasing and emulsifying properties, and is often used in combination with leveling agent in the process of dyeing and dyeing polyester in the same bath.

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