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What Are The Types of Defoamer Commonly Used?

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Polymer defoamer: Polymer defoamer is usually water-based or oil-based, and they can be used in different environments. The main function of these defoamants is to reduce the surface tension of the liquid and prevent the formation of bubbles and foams.

Silicone oil defoamer: Silicone oil defoamer is also known as PDMS defoamer (polydimethylsiloxane defoamer). They are one of the most commonly used antifoams and are mainly used for the suppression of bubbles and bubbles in liquids or solutions.

Fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether defoamer: This defoamer can be added to food production (such as bread, cream, protein drinks and carbonated drinks) to reduce foam production.

Biodefoamer: Biodefoamer is a biological agent that naturally eliminates foam and bubbles in a variety of industries. These defoamants are mainly screened by special strains and can not only replace traditional synthetic defoamants, but also protect the environment.

Ionic liquid defoamer: Ionic liquid defoamer is one of the latest defoamer, can inhibit the growth of bubbles, and has good stability in high temperature and high pressure environment. These defoaming agents are widely used in oilfield exploration, chemical production and power engineering.

These are some common defoamer. The composition and application field of defoamer are not the same, and the specific use should choose the defoamer suitable for their own production or life.


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