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Silicon metal price trend

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Domestic industrial silicon prices in October also led to a drop in industrial silicon exports.According to customs data, industrial silicon exports in October were 51,100 tons, down 29.2% from September;The average export price was $5,124 / ton, up 82.6% from September.In the first ten months, China exported 656,000 tons of industrial silicon, up 34.1 percent year on year.Annual exports are expected to be around 750,000 tons, an increase of 140,000 tons over 2020.

The advent of the dry season in December will break the current state of upstream and downstream game, the market is expected to stop falling stabilize, or will rebound in the near future.Firstly, the supply in south China will decrease during dry season, and the release of new capacity of organosilicon and polysilicon will lead to the reversal of market supply and demand.Secondly, the current cost of industrial silicon manufacturers has been around 20,000 / ton, which will effectively support the current market price;Finally, policies have a great impact on the market in the second half of this year, while the current policies for next year are still unclear, and the uncertainty of policies will increase market risks.Comprehensive judgment, tight supply and demand expectations, cost support and policy risks will support prices, the market rebound in the short term.

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