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How to improve textile fastness

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Textile manufacturing is a major global industry, providing a vast amount of material for apparel, upholstery and a variety of other end uses. Dyeing is one of the necessary production processes in textile production, and poor fastness has become one of the biggest pain points in dyeing. Here, I will talk to you about improving dry and wet rubbing fastness without affecting the hand feel. Solutions to improve water fastness.


What is color fastness


Color fastness, also known as color fastness, color fastness. Refers to the resistance of the color of textiles to various effects during processing and use. The fastness rating is based on the discoloration of the sample and the staining of the undyed backing fabric. Textiles will be affected by external factors or special finishing, which requires the color and luster of printed and dyed textiles to maintain a certain fastness.


What are the factors that may affect wet rub fastness?


1. The structure and characteristics of the dye itself


2. Properties of the fabric


3. Dyeing process and the effect of soaping after dyeing


4. Fixing effect of fabric after dyeing


5. Influence of post-finishing of dyed fabrics, etc.



Wet and dry rubbing fastness improvement solutions


Dry and wet rubbing fastness improver is a polymer compound manufactured by a new technology, does not contain prohibited substances, and has weak cationic properties, so it is more conducive to penetration and adsorption. After drying, it can form a lake with the dye inside the fiber, so that the adhesion of the dye on the fiber is stronger. The product is soft to the touch, with less color change, and can significantly improve the dry and wet rubbing fastness of the fabric to 1-2 grades and the water fastness

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