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Crazy at the end of the year, silicone has fully broken through 30,000+!

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Time flies, there are only 15 days until the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger. Starting from this week, all walks of life have begun to go on holiday, but our silicone is really a labor model market, which changes throughout the year. Opportunity, at present, silicone raw materials are still in full swing. DMC has risen to 31,600 yuan / ton. Zhejiang leading monomer factory has changed its quotation on Tuesday and followed up on Friday. The current DMC price is 31,500-31,600 yuan. / ton, an increase of 7.86% during the week. At present, the two main suppliers of DMC monomer factories are rising at the same time. Other monomer factories have more self-use and DMC supply is tight, and most of them are temporarily closed. Supporting prices has little impact. Pre-holiday closures and sales restrictions may still be the mainstream. Enterprises that have not prepared goods will either seek high prices to replenish their warehouses, or lie flat for the New Year.

      On the whole, DMC offline purchases are limited, online auctions are rising, and the middle and lower reaches will suffer from "out of stock + price increases" in the short term.

107 rubber market: DMC continued its strong performance last week, and 107 rubber continued to rise steadily. It was at the end of the year and the epidemic situation. The market performance is invaluable, and the rising sentiment has improved the downstream mentality and market forecast. The current mainstream quotation of 107 rubber is 31500-32500 yuan / ton, a weekly increase of 8.47%; from the perspective of the supply side, the single factory 107 rubber has a tight schedule, while other small and medium-sized 107 rubber factories are limited by DMC, the inventory is low, and the overall 107 rubber market is Reluctance to sell is the main reason, and the spot transaction in the market is 500-1000 yuan / ton.

 From the perspective of demand, downstream construction adhesive and photovoltaic adhesive companies have continued to replenish their positions since December, and the 107 adhesive manufacturers are relatively full. In addition, the continuous breakthrough of DMC has stimulated the downstream to increase the acceptance of high-priced 107 adhesives. However, recently, public health incidents in Tianjin, Henan, Guangdong and other places have intensified. At present, logistics in high-risk areas are almost paralyzed, and the actual consumption of terminal demand has slowed down. Most of them are driven by the rising trend to prepare for the start of construction after the year. Therefore, whether the spring market of room temperature rubber will come as scheduled after the festival, and there are still uncertain factors to cover the positions at high prices again.

      On the whole, 107 rubber factories are concentrated in limited quantities, and the arrival of goods has been delayed, forcing downstream urgent orders to increase purchases. Before the holiday, they continued to rise steadily with the trend of DMC.

Silicone oil market: Since January, the price of domestic silicone oil has maintained an upward trend, and the price push has continued. Last week, the price of silicone oil rose to 35500-36500 yuan / ton, an increase of 6.67%. Due to the large-scale purchase restriction of DMC, the operating rate of silicone oil manufacturers has been affected. Some silicone oil manufacturers that did not prepare the goods in time simply suspend orders and take holidays in advance. The price of imported silicone oil has been moderately lowered at the beginning of this month, while the domestic silicone oil price has risen and the stock has been out of stock. The high price of the agent is relatively smooth, and the spot inventory is also tight. The external quotation has risen again. At present, the agent of imported silicone oil has a wide quotation 40,000-45,000 yuan/ton, an increase of about 2,000 yuan/ton.

On the demand side, the price of raw materials has risen, the profits of textile, daily chemical and downstream enterprises have declined, and the transmission of the industrial chain has been poor. At present, weaving factories and printing and dyeing factories in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are planning to reduce their burdens one after another. . In terms of export demand, although it is difficult to book shipping schedules, export orders have not shrunk yet, and some foreign trade companies are still actively locking up orders.

      On the whole, with the resumption of production of the Zhangjiagang plant and the successive holidays of downstream terminals, the supply shortage of silicone oil itself will ease to some extent. It is expected that near the Spring Festival, the silicone oil market will continue to fluctuate at a high level and fluctuate with costs.

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