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Knowing that you are interested in finishing agent, we have listed articles on similar topics on the website for your convenience. As a professional manufacturer, we hope that this news can help you. If you are interested in learning more about the product, please feel free to contact us.
  • What Are The Common Fabric Finishing Process?


    Fabric finishing can be roughly divided into the following aspects according to its finishing purpose: 1. To make the fabric door width neat, size and shape stability. Belonging to this kind of finishing is fixed width, shrinkage and wrinkle prevention and heat shaping, etc., known as shaping finishing. 2. Improve the feel of the fabric. Such as stiffening finishing, soft finishing. This kind of finishing can use mechanical methods, chemical methods or both together to deal with the fabric, in order to achieve the purpose of finishing. 3. Improve the appearance of fabric. Such as gloss, whiteness, drape and so on. There are rolling finishing, whitening finishing and other finishing to improve the surface properties of the fabric. 4. Improvement of other taking properties. Such as flame retardant cotton fabrics, water repellency, health finishing; chemical fibre fabrics hydrophilic, anti-static, anti-pilling finishing. Read More
  • What Is The Role of Sequestering Dispersants in Dyeing And Finishing?


    Sequestering agent is a commonly used additive in our dyeing and finishing processing. It has a wide range of functions and has good effects in different scenarios in dyeing and finishing processing, Read More
  • Safety Requirements And Development Trend Of Functional Finishing Agents


    Functional finishing agents are chemical compounds that are added to textiles to enhance their performance, such as durability, water repellency, and antimicrobial properties. They are used to provide added value to the textiles and are commonly used in industries such as clothing, home textiles, and medical textiles. Read More
  • New Development Of Functional Finishing Agents In The Industry


    Functional finishing agents play a crucial role in the textile industry, as they can significantly enhance the performance and quality of fabrics. These agents can impart a range of desirable properties to fabrics, such as water repellency, flame retardancy, and antimicrobial properties. Read More
  • Application Of Dispersing Sequestering Agent In Dyeing And Finishing Process


    Dispersing sequestering agent is an essential component of the dyeing and finishing process in the textile industry. It plays a critical role in ensuring the even distribution of dye and finishing agents on the fabric surface, resulting in a high-quality finished product. Read More
  • What are moisture-wicking fabrics?


    Moisture-absorbing and perspiration-wicking textile products are a category of functional textile products that have developed rapidly in recent years, especially in sports, leisure, outdoor and travel apparel products, which have become a bright spot to guide the market and consumption. Read More
  • Application Of Anti-Foaming Agent In Construction Industry


    In the construction industry, the use of anti-foaming agents has become increasingly important in controlling the formation of foam during various processes such as mixing, spraying, and pumping of construction materials. Read More
  • treasure of chemcial------- softner flake


    Soft flakes are mainly fatty acid salts, which are more convenient to use. Cationic softener is a better product: the product is a special structure cationic Gemini surfactant, the special structure inhibits the head group separation force in the process of orderly aggregation, greatly improving the Read More
  • Cost effictive means? ——cold water Softener flake!


    Softener flakeis an important finishing process in printing and dyeing. It is also a chemical substance that can change the static and dynamic friction coefficient of the fiber. Read More
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