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What Is The Role of Sequestering Dispersants in Dyeing And Finishing?

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Sequestering agent is a commonly used additive in our dyeing and finishing processing. It has a wide range of functions and has good effects in different scenarios in dyeing and finishing processing, 

such as:

  1. Adding sequestering dispersants to water treatment can soften the water quality, especially in some areas with high water hardness, which can have good results.

    2. Adding sequestering dispersants to enzyme desizing can prevent the influence of heavy metal ions on the effect of desizing enzyme, and make the slurry easily puffed, separated from the fibers and dispersed into a gel for easy removal.

    3. Adding sequestering dispersants during scouring can prevent the alkali solution and metal ions from reacting to form water-soluble complexes, thereby completely removing the metal ions contained in the fiber, and at the same time chelating the calcium and magnesium ions in the scouring liquid to prevent It generates dirt and deposits on the fabric, improving the water absorbency and whiteness of the textile.

    4. Adding sequestering dispersants during H2O2 bleaching can chelate heavy metal ions such as Fe3+ that catalyze the decomposition of H2O2, preventing the metal ions from ineffective and rapid catalytic decomposition of H2O2, causing local white spots, brittleness, and holes in the fabric.

    5. Adding sequestering dispersants when reducing the alkali content of polyester can prevent oligomers and other impurities from contaminating the equipment.

    6. Adding sequestering dispersants during dyeing can prevent metal ions from causing problems such as dye precipitation, floc floating, color fading, and decrease in brightness, and can also help disperse dyes.

    7. Adding sequestering dispersants during soaping can completely remove floating colors on the fabric surface, and it also has the function of whitening and anti-contamination during the printing process.

    8. The dispersing and suspending functions of sequestering dispersants can also be used to prevent scale from depositing on textiles and equipment. Long-term application of sequestering dispersants can also remove scale on equipment and play a role in cleaning the cylinder.

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