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Sylic Textile Auxiliary Information


These articles are all highly relevant auxiliary. I believe this information can help you understand auxiliary's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • What are the types of functional textile auxiliaries?


    (1) antibacterial agent With the continuous enhancement of people's safety awareness, more and more people have begun to buy antibacterial plastic products. Antibacterial agents are used in antibacterial plastics. The antibacterial agent refers to the growth or reproduction of certain microorganisms Read More
  • What are the commonly used chemical additives when washing?Ⅱ


    Commonly used additives: 1) Sodium hypochlorite: light green transparent liquid. Commonly known as drifting water. Blue color for bleaching denim surface. 2) Potassium permanganate: purple crystal. Usually, the ratio of water forms liquid. According to the required proportion of the cloth surface, i Read More
  • What is the compounding technology of pretreatment additives?


    According to research, cotton wax can be removed no matter what kind of surfactant is used (generally, cationic surfactant is not used). Therefore, the compound of anionic and nonionic surfactants is generally used, and its HLB value should be considered when compounding, and it is advisable that th Read More
  • Causes of silicone oil spots and how to remove them


    1. How to deal with the silicon spots on the fabric surface after setting?For the silicon spots on polyester fabrics, it can be removed with degreaser and soda ash (with degreaser, treated under the alkaline condition of 80-90 degrees), or silicon remover and soda ash.For pure cotton and polyester-c Read More
  • What are the ingredients of reactive dye substitute alkali


    1. Phosphate systemThe representative product of the substitute alkali for the phosphate system is the Alkaflo.Morran patent developed by Sybron Company. The specific method for the substitute alkali of the system is given, and different raw materials can be used to prepare the alkali solution of di Read More
  • Development and research status of high temperature leveling agent


    High temperature leveling agent classificationHigh-temperature leveling agents are divided into non-ionic high-temperature leveling agents, anionic high-temperature leveling agents and anionic/nonionic compound high-temperature leveling agents.Non-ionic high-temperature leveling agents are mostly po Read More
  • What are the printing and dyeing auxiliaries


    There are many varieties of textile dyes, the dyeing process is different, and corresponding auxiliary auxiliaries are required. Therefore, there are many varieties of such auxiliaries, mainly including the following: 1. Water softener: metal ion chelating agentHeavy metal ions in water often affect Read More
  • How to choose auxiliaries for nylon fabrics


    Influence of Leveling Agent Selection on Nylon Dyeing Weak acid dyes have less water-soluble groups than strong acid dyes, have a higher affinity for nylon fibers, and have poorer solubility in aqueous solution than strong acid dyes. The dyeability and levelness are poor.In the process of fiber spin Read More
  • Antistatic agent CY-730


    Static electricity in the air is everywhere, and it runs to the machine, to the clothes, and more to the fabrics that are being processed and finished. As a result, the fabrics cannot be adsorbed on the setting machine, and the rolling and falling of the fabrics become inoperable. , especially polye Read More
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