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What are the types of functional textile auxiliaries?

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(1) antibacterial agent


With the continuous enhancement of people's safety awareness, more and more people have begun to buy antibacterial plastic products. Antibacterial agents are used in antibacterial plastics. The antibacterial agent refers to the growth or reproduction of certain microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, yeasts, algae and viruses, etc.) in a certain period of time. Antibacterial agent is a substance with bacteriostatic and sterilization.


(2) Flame retardant


The auxiliary agent that slows the performance of plastic combustion is called flame retardant. Most plastic containing flame retardants has self -extinguishing, or a reduction of combustion rates.


(3) Anti -static agent


Any object has its own static charge. This charge can be negatively charged or positive charge. The gathering of static charge has affected or even harm of life or industrial production. Chemicals that are inconvenient or harmful to the gathered harmful charge guidance/eliminate the inconvenience or harm to the production or life are called antistatic agents. Anti -static agent generally has the characteristics of surfactants, and the structural polar group and non -polar group have both.


Commonly used polar groups (that is, hydrophilic groups) include: carboxylic acid, sulfonic acid, sulfuric acid, phosphate, cation with amine salt, ductinium salt, and -OH, -O- and other groups; The polar group (that is, the parenting group or the hydrophobic group) includes alkyl and alkall group. Anti -static agent may have five basic types: amine derivatives, ductinium salts, sulfate, phosphate, and polyethylene glycol derivatives.

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