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How to choose auxiliaries for nylon fabrics

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Influence of Leveling Agent Selection on Nylon Dyeing


Weak acid dyes have less water-soluble groups than strong acid dyes, have a higher affinity for nylon fibers, and have poorer solubility in aqueous solution than strong acid dyes. The dyeability and levelness are poor.

In the process of fiber spinning and weaving of nylon and its elastic fabrics, the physical and chemical structures of the fibers themselves are not uniform, including differences in fineness, internal stress, molecular structure orientation, etc., or differences in fiber chemical properties, such as fiber ends. The difference in the number of amino groups will also cause dyeing problems such as the formation of color bars and rungs during the dyeing process. In addition, operational problems in the dyeing process will affect the levelness of nylon dyeing. Therefore, the selection of a good leveling agent can effectively prevent or reduce the occurrence of the above problems.

There are many kinds of leveling agents for nylon dyeing, such as fiber-friendly anionic type, dye-friendly polymer type, and amphiphilic zwitterionic type. The zwitterionic leveling agent has a large molecular weight, has excellent leveling effect on weakly acidic dyes with a large molecular weight, has a high dye migration ability, and has the ability to level the dyeing rate of different types of acid dyes.


Improvement of post-wet treatment fastness of nylon fabric beam color


After the nylon fabric is dyed, due to the acid dyes having water-soluble groups and the fact that the dyes and fibers are not bound by a firm covalent bond, the wet fastness of nylon dyed medium and dark varieties is poor and needs to be fixed. To improve wet fastness. Nylon special fixing agent can react with nylon fiber, and the molecules of the fixing agent can be cross-linked to each other to form a three-dimensional network structure, so that the acid dye molecules can be effectively fixed in the fiber to improve its wet fastness.


Soft Finishing of Nylon Fabrics


With the diversification of people's requirements for clothing, nylon fabrics not only have rich and colorful changes in fabric categories and clothing styles, but also the feel and style of nylon fabrics have also changed. Some require waxy slippery, some require soft elastic, Some require strong drape, some require dry and fluffy, and so on. Silicone softener conforms to the requirements of clothing trends, and has gone through the development stage of methyl silicone oil, amino silicone oil, polyether modified silicone oil, and ternary copolymer silicone oil.

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