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What is the function of the new anti-high temperature yellowing finishing agent?

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Polyamide fiber has the advantages of better abrasion resistance, high strength, good elasticity, resilience and good moisture absorption. It is a kind of synthetic fiber with excellent performance and wide range of uses; polyamide fiber dyed and printed with acid dyes and Its blended fabric is bright and bright in color, and is a popular high-end underwear, swimwear and knitted sportswear fabric; while polyamide fiber has poor heat resistance, the amide group at the end of the polyamide fiber molecule is affected by air under high temperature conditions. Oxidative degradation, it becomes colored through the selective absorption of light by its chemical structure, that is, the natural light color of the fiber changes; nylon/spandex fabrics often have problems such as fiber degradation and yellowing caused by high temperature heat treatment such as heat setting and compression molding. ; Especially on light-colored, bright-colored and whitening fabrics, nylon fibers are prone to heat-induced yellowing.

The molecular chain of the anti-yellowing finishing agent contains various types of antioxidant active groups, which can block the amide group at the end of the nylon fiber molecule, so that the active free radicals can be converted into more stable molecules; to prevent the nylon fiber from being heat-treated at high temperatures. For example, the pre-shaping of grey fabrics, post-finishing and setting as well as thermal degradation during high-temperature compression molding and yellowing and degradation caused by free radicals; for this reason, those with special thermal yellowing resistance can effectively prevent and reduce nylon The problem of high temperature yellowing and discoloration of whitening or light (brilliant) colored fabrics

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