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What is the cause of the "dead pleats" of cotton knitted fabrics?

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Cotton fiber absorbs water and swells in water, which will inevitably cause changes in yarn structure and loop structure. The change of yarn structure is manifested by the thickening of yarn, the shortening of yarn length and the increase of yarn twist; the change of loop structure is manifested by the increase of loop arc and the shortening of loop column. The result of these two changes causes the fabric to shrink and become dense.

In the process of shrinking and densification, if the fabric is subjected to irregular external forces (tension or pressure), it will cause unevenness in the density of the fabric after shrinkage. The more loose the fabric, the more prominent this phenomenon; due to the structure of the fabric Constraint, although the fiber swelling process is reversible, the deformed fabric shape will not recover due to the recovery of the fiber shape, so the shape (such as wrinkles) formed by the irregular external force of the fabric is retained. This is why cotton knitted fabrics appear "dead folds" during rope scouring, bleaching and dyeing.

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