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What impact does the strike in various countries have on the shipping schedule?

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Recently, from South Korean truck drivers, German port workers, British railway workers, Belgian union laborers, Canadian railway workers, Spanish truck drivers, to thousands of American airline pilots and European airline employees, protests or strike action.

Inflation has caused food and energy prices to continue to soar, but wages have fallen far short of it. Waves of protests and strikes have been triggered in ports, airlines, railways, and road truck drivers around the world, which are causing political turmoil in various countries. , supply chain worse. On one side are the full yard wharf, and on the other side are wharf, railway, and transport workers protesting strikes for wages. Under the double blow, the shipping schedule and delivery time may be further delayed.

At present, strikes in Europe are spreading, supply chains are severely impacted, and the backlog of undelivered goods at ports is getting worse. This is forcing ocean carriers to prioritise the shipment of fully loaded containers, resulting in vital empty containers for Asian exporters being stranded in export hubs like the Dutch port of Rotterdam

What people worry about now is whether the global strikes will be a repeat of the 1970s? In the 1970s, strikes, inflation and energy shortages plunged the global economy into crisis. For example, in the winter from late 1978 to early 1979, the economic crisis reached its climax in the United Kingdom. About 1.5 million people in various fields in the United Kingdom participated in strikes, and medical care, logistics and even garbage disposal fell into a large-scale shutdown, which was called the "Winter of Dissatisfaction". Today, the world is facing the same problems: high inflation, insufficient energy supply, the possibility of economic recession, the decline of people's living standards, and the widening gap between the rich and the poor.

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