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What are the test conditions for polyether amino block silicone oil?

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1 flexibility 

Using the physical feel evaluation method, a group of 5 to 10 trained personnel is used to evaluate the fabric feel. First determine the fabric with the best hand feel and the worst by the sorting method, and then set the fabric with the best hand feel as 5 points, the worst fabric as 1 point, and the hand feeling of the rest of the fabrics can be obtained by the reference method, which is divided into 1~5 Grade, the larger the value, the softer.



Test the spectral reflectance of the finished fabric with a whiteness meter. Compared with the blank fabric, the whiteness of the finished fabric is larger, that is, the smaller the whiteness difference with the blank fabric, the smaller the degree of color change of the fabric.


3 Hydrophilicity

Spread the fabric finished with the finishing agent on the table top, and use a standard dropper (25 drops/ml) to drip 1 drop of water from a height of 3 cm from the fabric to the surface of the fabric, and measure the time it takes for the fabric to absorb 1 drop of water under static conditions.


4 Washability 

Fully automatic shrinkage tester, household detergent 1g/L, wash at 40℃ for 30min, wash 5 times, test the hand feel and hydrophilicity of the fabric after washing.


5 Centrifugal stability 

Add 2mL of emulsion into a 15mL centrifuge test tube and put it in a centrifugal precipitator; after rotating at a speed of 3000r/min for 30 minutes, the sample does not delaminate and the quality is stable.

6 Acid and alkali resistance

Put 3g of emulsion, 97mL of acetic acid solution (PH=2~3) or 97mL of soda ash solution (PH=11~12) in the beaker, shake well; after standing for 24h, the sample has no delamination or demulsification phenomenon, which is of stable quality .


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