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Unilateral willful "rising" keeps going! Silicone is booming again! Partial breakthrough 30,000+, pay attention! Downstream chasing up cautiously

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After the Qingming holiday, yiqing still deeply affects everyone's hearts. Traffic control in many places and logistics are deeply affected. However, the silicone market staged a big rebound in this chaotic situation. First, a single factory in Shandong launched an "offensive" ”, opened up 100 on Wednesday. When the downstream thought that this rebound was just a flash in the pan, the leading monomer factory began to increase its weight, and it rose by 2,500 in two days. The downstream was incredible. High prices to cover positions, and driven by buying up, ushered in a small wave of replenishment, and the current DMC wide quotation is 28,000-29,500 yuan / ton. Raw rubber, 107 rubber, silicone oil, and compound rubber all rose.

The push-up limit may continue this week, but most of the seemingly hot market is just in need of short-term replenishment. Before the situation eases, it is difficult to effectively improve the demand in April. How long can the unilateral willful increase be sustained?

107 rubber market: Last week, the domestic 107 rubber rebounded and rose. Due to the rebound of DMC, on-site orders increased, and the pressure on the inventory of individual factories eased. The cost support of 107 rubber enterprises returned, and the price followed up by 1500-2500 yuan / ton. The current price is 28,500-29,500 yuan/ton. Stimulated by the buying sentiment, the downstream wait-and-see attitude has changed. The 107 rubber trading atmosphere has heated up. In addition, the annual maintenance of a single unit in Shandong is affected by the logistics control. The supply of 107 rubber in Shandong There may be short-term tightness, but the overall supply of 107 rubber is abundant.

From the demand side, although the demand for photovoltaic adhesives is relatively optimistic recently, it has a weak positive effect on the market, and due to the impact of public health events, the recovery of terminal infrastructure construction is slow, which affects the shipment speed and order volume of silicone adhesive manufacturers. , 107 rubber is mostly purchased for rigid needs. After the silicone rubber is covered in an appropriate amount, it may fall into a wait-and-see state.

On the whole, the support of the supply side has improved, and the overall downstream demand still needs time to gradually expand. The domestic 107 rubber market may recover slightly from the trough, but from the perspective of the market outlook, the 107 rubber market lacks obvious advantages, and it lacks confidence in continuing to rise.

Silicone oil market: Last week, with the overall upward trend of DMC offers, silicone oil rebounded by 1000-2000 yuan/ton following the cost. As of Friday, the mainstream price of silicone oil was 33,500-35,000 yuan/ton. The price of foreign brand silicone oil continues to be high, and the transaction is flat. However, in the short term, the logistics is still strictly controlled, the arrival of the agent is low, and the inventory is under little pressure. In addition, the domestic speculation is rising again. , Foreign brand silicone oil offers a wide range of 40,000-42,000 yuan / ton.

On the demand side, due to the epidemic dragging down demand, especially logistics and transportation in Shanghai and surrounding areas, the textile and daily chemical industries in the region have entered a state of shutdown, and the trading atmosphere has been sluggish. Not only the domestic sales continue to be weak, but the recent shipments of foreign orders have also been deeply affected. Trade manufacturers in East China report that the acceptance of foreign orders is acceptable, but the delivery is not easy, and the inventory is at risk of accumulation.

On the whole, silicone oil manufacturers are greatly affected by logistics in the short term, and overseas demand in the medium and long term is still relatively optimistic. The price of silicone oil is kept in sync with the raw materials, and the profit is relatively within a reasonable range.

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