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The European Textile and Apparel Industry Federation extends a helping hand to Ukraine

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On May 9, EURATEX (European Federation of Textile and Apparel Industries) launched the EU-Ukraine Textile Initiative (EUTI), which aims to promote cooperation between European and Ukrainian textile and apparel companies.

Dirk Vantyghem, Director General of EURATEX, commented: "Supporting the textile industry is our way of helping the Ukrainian people. Hopefully our European members can connect with the Ukrainian people through EUTI and develop sustainable partnerships."

EUTI provides a point of contact for Ukrainian textile companies seeking cooperation, which will facilitate their public procurement of raw materials, textiles, etc. The service will be coordinated by EURATEX with UKRLEGPROM (Association of Enterprises of the Ukrainian Textile and Leather Industry).

In 2021, the EU's exports to Ukraine will reach 1.3 billion euros, making it Ukraine's thirteenth largest exporter; imports will reach 500 million euros, making Ukraine the 21st largest importer. The signing of the EUTI will allow Ukraine to play an important role in the European textile and apparel supply chain, with a very large potential capacity for improvement. And the EU also proposed to suspend the imposition of tariffs on Ukrainian products, which provides new business opportunities and opportunities for Ukraine's economic and trade.

Tetyana Izovit, chairman of the Ukraine Textile and Leather Industry Association, also expressed Ukraine's willingness to cooperate with the EU. He said that Ukraine has many textile companies with professional knowledge and skilled workers. They have always wanted to cooperate with the EU but lack connections, customers and supplies. The signing of EUTI has greatly helped the future development of the Ukrainian textile industry and provided new opportunities for the growth of the Ukrainian economy.

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