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Silicone rubber production capacity

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Standing at the end of April 2022, silicone rubber companies feel a lot of emotion. Last year's highlight moment is gone forever, and monomer factories have begun to exert their efforts in the strategic layout of silicone rubber. However, after the extensive expansion of silicone rubber enterprises in recent years, the growth rate of demand has obviously not kept up. In addition, under the action of sudden factors such as the epidemic this year, silicone rubber seems to have entered the era of stock market.

The stock market means that the competition will become more and more fierce. With the entry of single factories, the development model of "light weight" in the past will undoubtedly encounter space challenges. How to develop new trends and how to find lost profit margins has become an important issue for silicone rubber enterprises, and it will also become an important watershed for silicone rubber enterprises to widen the gap in the second half of the silicone industry competition.

In the next three years, the global new production capacity of organic silicon monomers will be concentrated in China, and the export volume is still on the rise. Domestic demand will continue to promote the development of organic silicon under the new energy and carbon neutral policies. In 2021, the rodent eradication pioneer is very popular. In 2022, the popularity of Bingdundun will attract a lot of attention. In the future, it will continue to introduce new products to create explosive products. With environmental protection deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the price is expected to gradually fall after the substantial expansion of raw materials. It will help to further replace plastics and increase the per capita consumption of organic silicon.

Therefore, although the current silicone rubber companies are facing various challenges, the development of the industry will not stop. Silicone rubber still has a large space for development. The road is long and the road is coming!

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