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Polyester filament has been rising for 7 consecutive times

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During the National Day holiday, the global energy crisis continued to ferment, natural gas skyrocketed, and US crude oil accumulated more than $4. The polyester industry chain was significantly boosted by costs. At the beginning of the market, the three varieties opened sharply higher, and the closing PTA and staple fiber soared by more than 6%, rising to a new high in the stage.

The polyester end performed better than expected. During the November holiday, some spinning mills in Jiangsu and Zhejiang that had stopped production due to power cuts have resumed operations one after another, resulting in a significant increase in the price of polyester products during the holiday. -200 yuan/ton, with the price increase, production and sales have improved. Terminal cloth factories gradually accepted the fact that upstream prices have increased, and have raised the prices of finished products one after another. It is understood that polyester filament yarns are basically in a state of rising day after day before and after the National Day, and some polyester factories have achieved 7 consecutive rises!

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