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These are related to the polyester news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in polyester and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand polyester market.
  • What is the principle of reduction and cleaning of polyester yarn?


    Disperse dye is a kind of non-ionic dye with strong hydrophobicity and simple structure, which exists in the form of single molecule, particle, particle aggregate, etc. Read More

  • Polyester filament production and sales can continue to increase


    Nowadays, the price transmission of the industrial chain has been hindered, and the phenomenon that grey fabrics are hard to rise has made the downstream resistance gradually stronger, so the loss of downstream weaving and texturing has increased significantly. Therefore, starting from the second ha Read More

  • What are the main differences between polyester fabrics and nylon fabrics?


    1: The price of nylon is about 1 times higher than that of polyester2: Nylon is smoother and softer than polyester3: The wear resistance is almost the same4: Nylon has a little elasticity. Polyester has no weakness5: Nylon dyeing is more difficult than polyester dyeing polyester(1) Mechanical proper Read More

  • Which kind of the fabric is easy pilling?


    Cotton, linen, silk, etc. are not easy to pilling, while wool, nylon, etc. are mostly easy to pilling fabrics.woolAdvantages: warmth, soft hair, good elasticity, strong heat insulationDisadvantages: easy to pilling, easy to shrink, easy to felting reaction, easy to be eaten by insects after moldnylo Read More

  • What is the dyeing modification of polyester?


    Polyester fiber is a hydrophobic synthetic fiber, lacking functional groups that can be combined with direct dyes, acid dyes, and basic dyes Read More

  • Polyester filament has been rising for 7 consecutive times


    During the National Day holiday, the global energy crisis continued to ferment, natural gas skyrocketed, and US crude oil accumulated more than $4. The polyester industry chain was significantly boosted by costs. At the beginning of the market, the three varieties opened sharply higher, and the clos Read More

  • How to shape polyester grey fabric?


    Finishing and shaping are an indispensable and important finishing process for woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, and other fiber fabrics. Read More

  • What is the cause of polyester dyeing stains?


    Some dyes have poor dispersibility and improper dyeing temperature control. Too fast will cause dye spots; dispersant or penetrating agent is not resistant to high temperature and cause secondary separation of dyes to form dye spots; some additives need to be added separately (high solid content) when adding additives (high solid content), not operating as required Suspended dots are combined with dyes to form dye dots; some color dots are very small and present a dot-like distribution and can only be found by careful observation, and are different from the color light of dyeing cloth. That's because the dye itself contains insoluble substances, and the dispersion of these dyes is destroyed during the manufacturing process and cannot enter the fiber. This situation mostly occurs in light-colored or brilliant-colored systems; the diffusion effect of red dyes may not be good, and a diffusing agent needs to be added to solve it. Read More

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