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Chemicals continued to rise in November

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The rapid rise in prices of energy and raw materials such as coal and metals was curbed in November, and the rise in the producer price Index (PPI) moderated, according to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on Dec. 9.

High fluctuations in international crude oil and natural gas prices have driven up prices in related domestic industries.In November, the price of petroleum exploitation rose 7.1% month-on-month, the price of refined petroleum products rose 4.7%, and the price of chemical raw materials and products rose 0.7%.Gas production and supply prices rose 4.1 percent month-on-month.

In November, coal mining and washing prices fell by 4.9% from a month-on-month increase of 20.1%, and coal processing prices fell by 8.4% from a month-on-month increase of 12.8%.

In year-on-year terms, 37 out of 40 industrial sectors saw price increases, up one from the previous month.Among them, oil and gas extraction increased by 68.5%, or 8.8 percentage points;The manufacturing of chemical raw materials and products rose 29.6% year on year;Oil, coal and other fuel processing industries surged 53.1% year on year.

Among the purchasing prices of industrial producers, fuel and power prices rose by 43.8% yea

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