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Application field of silicone masterbatch

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General silicone powder with siloxane content to distinguish between more and less hierarchical, if your silicone siloxane content in the powder is silicone powder should be 40% or 40% silicone (silicone) + 60% silica and other additives, such as coupling agent, etc.), if the silicone content is higher, the weaker shear is not easy to spread out, to make a best masterbatch, because siloxane molecular inter-atomic forces strong, It is not easy to disperse evenly by physical means and requires strong shearing to accomplish. The higher the siloxane content in the silicone powder, the greater the viscosity of the material and the less likely it is to disperse when used in plastics. The content and molecular weight of siloxane can be used as wear-resisting agent, but then the lubrication performance is on the contrary, the mechanism of lubrication is that the friction coefficient between silicone and silicone is small, silicone stable and evenly dispersed into the system will have this phenomenon, if the system is not dispersed, it is not good lubrication.  

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