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(1) In what fields can simethicone be used?

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Simethicone oil has been widely used in cosmetics, skin care products, care products, and hair care products, as follows:


Does not affect the appearance and aroma of the final product, and does not cause irritation and allergies to the skin;

Very good lightness and stretch


The use of medium-viscosity methyl silicone oil in various skin care products can improve the stretchability of cosmetics on the skin and protect the skin; it has good hydrophobicity and smoothness


Hair care products formulated with silicone oil, such as hair oil, hair cream, mousse, etc., can comb hair at any temperature into a desired hairstyle, and can effectively prevent external moisture from soaking or water evaporation from imbalance; good performance in anti-ultraviolet radiation


It will not oxidize and deteriorate under ultraviolet rays to cause skin irritation, and it will not be lost due to sea bathing or sweating, which can effectively prevent the harm of ultraviolet rays. No irritation to the skin, high safety to the human body


It has a certain effect on some skin diseases, such as eczema neurodermatitis and occupational dermatitis with difficulty in sweating; it has good gas permeability and antistatic elimination


The static electricity of the skin that is wiped with polysiloxane skin cream is completely eliminated, and it has an obvious dustproof effect and good air permeability. Even if a silicone film is formed on the skin, it will not affect the sweat discharge and hinder the skin's respiration; Chemical stability


It does not react with other cosmetic raw materials, and the foundation cream added with silicone oil can protect the skin from the damage of pigments and solvents.

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