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How to shape polyester grey fabric?

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Finishing and shaping are an indispensable and important finishing process for woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, and other fiber fabrics. The shaping of textiles can make the textiles feel better, and can also improve the width and control the warp and weft deviation.


Textiles are adjusted through mechanical action, soft, stiff, and pre-shrinked, so that the finished fabric can achieve shrinkage, density, feel, width, warp and weft, and make the fabric more different.

Polyester grey fabric setting


1 Setting temperature: 170℃—200℃, speed: 20M—28M/min


2 The color of polyester stereotypes generally does not change much, but the sublimation fastness of the scarlet dye is not good. The case will leave dye after finishing. It can not be made light color immediately, only black. It can also be made with waste cloth more than a few times. Light color.


3 The shrinkage rate of polyester stretch fabric is very large. If the customer requires good elasticity, low shrinkage rate, and good hand feel, the fabric must be predetermined to die. Pay special attention to black and white, red and white flowers. Because the dye sublimation fastness is not good, the finished product must be set at low temperature, such as High temperature will seriously contaminate the product.


4 When setting the polyester cloth, pay attention to the thickness of the middle and the side of the cloth, and the temperature should be controlled well and not too high. The machine speed should be adjusted slowly, and the machine should be pulled in two times. Dividing it into two sets can reduce the thickness difference between the middle and the sides. For the first time, the width is about 6-8 inches less than the finished product, and the weight is about 100 grams. The second time is 5-10 degrees lower than the first time, and the width and weight are as required.

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