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Will the silicon market rise? Latest trend forecast!

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107 silicone rubber market: last week, with the support of the high cost of DMC, the offer of 107 rubber is also stable at a high level. Now the mainstream offer is 31000-31500 yuan/ton. The central bank fully cut the required reserve ratio, through multiple institutional analysis, the real estate positive limited. Recently, the downstream silicone rubber industry is still in the traditional off-season, but low inventory, the need for 107 glue still exists, under the pressure of cost, downstream silicone rubber factory also began to release price letter, but also to the high price resistance mentality is growing day by day, manufacturers look forward to falling sentiment is obvious. However, the current monomer factory 107 glue orders are basically arranged to the end of July. Other small and medium-sized 107 glue manufacturers are restricted by DMC high pressure, and follow the principle of high buy and high sell. Overall, the market spot circulation is still tight, so we predict the recent 107 glue still maintain a high running.

Silicon oil market: Domestic silicone oil on the continuation of last week, DMC cost support to keep stable recently, raw material gradually enter the date of delivery, but the long-term high prices, new silicone material factory constantly improve the production cost, profit is increasingly small, basic on-demand shopping DMC, maintain the daily production, inventories remained low, based on the supply is still in short supply, combined with silicone oil factory pre-sale orders not delivered, A variety of factors support its high stable price belief. At present, the downstream textile, silicone rubber market is in the off-season, high silicone oil downward transmission pressure is large, and traders link foreign brand silicone oil inventory is also low, but the high price shipment is obviously blocked, the recent agents again to raise the price base gas is insufficient, local profit phenomenon. In general, the silicon oil market short - term inventory pressure, the recent fundamentals are still affected by the maintenance of stable operation, enterprise quotation according to their own costs and adjustment, local actual transaction has a small yield.

Cracking material market: last week, due to the lack of buying gas from cracking material manufacturers and the lack of power to pull up the waste silica gel, the price has been adjusted back. Now the mainstream offer is 7500-7800 yuan/ton. Although the raw material fell, but cracking material manufacturers in order to maintain a stable operation. Currently downstream resistance high mentality grows, more is given priority to with small single purchase, but due to the new material in the problem, the profit unceasingly compressed silicone rubber manufacturer of cracking needs to grow, according to the organic silicon mall we know, cracking LiaoChang order is generally to the end of July, and recent safety production around the big screen, guangdong, hubei cracking LiaoChang starts again it will have certain influence. Therefore, even when the demand is expected to decline, the price of the cracking material factory in the state of pre-sale orders and low inventory can still be firm for a period of time. Some bearers of the future market may have a number of pre-sale orders in advance. In the short term, the price of cracking material steady operation.

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