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Will the fabric and fiber structure affect the levelling properties of nylon?

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From the perspective of the entire dyeing and finishing process, the most direct reasons affecting the uniformity of nylon dyeing are uneven warp and weft density of the fabric, unequal yarn counts, and different production batches of nylon fibers used on the fabric. These factors are all It may affect the dyeing performance of nylon, resulting in uneven dyeing.

From the perspective of fiber, the chemical structure of nylon fiber is polyamide, and the end of the fiber molecular chain has a certain amount of amino groups. The dyeing characteristics of nylon are affected by the chemical and physical differences of the fiber. These differences may arise from the manufacturing process or processing process of the fiber. , They directly affect the dyeing performance of the dye. The chemical difference comes from the difference in the amino content of the fiber, which may be caused by the spinning process, the hot drawing process, or the spinning process.

The difference in amino content will result in different dye uptake rates, especially the final adsorption amount of anionic dyes. This difference can only be minimized by careful control of the production process.

The difference in the physical structure of the yarn mainly includes two aspects: on the one hand, it comes from the overall physical difference of the yarn, including the yarn count, the number of fibers in the yarn or the difference in the fiber denier, and the end of a single fiber in the yarn is crimped. Or the difference between the crimps of multiple fiber ends; on the other hand, it comes from the inhomogeneity of the supramolecular structure of the nylon fiber during the processing, such as the crystallinity and orientation difference in the fiber or the difference in the sheath-core structure. Uniformity. When fabrics made of chemically or physically different nylon fibers are dyed, a characteristic weft color strip is easy to produce.

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