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Why is the continuous input of new containers still causing a shortage of containers?

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Maersk Group is the world’s leading shipping logistics company. It owns the world’s largest container ship transportation company. Facing the current situation where one warehouse is hard to find and one box is hard to find, Maersk Greater China President Wu Bingqing said: “The global container shipping supply chain Having not experienced such pressures as in the past few months, Maersk has already used all available ships and containers to improve the efficiency of empty container turnover. However, the current shortage of ships and the extremely uneven distribution of containers have also become the shipping company to invest more capacity bottleneck."


The main reason is that repeated epidemics have caused low port efficiency, severe congestion, and delays in shipping schedules. This has also increased a lot of costs for shipping companies themselves, and this situation may continue, and it may not be until the time before the epidemic can really return. The fourth quarter.


According to industry insiders, if the loading and unloading and supply chains of foreign ports cannot resume normal operations, it may not be able to solve the current problems in the shipping market in the short term. In addition, although the current market orders for new-built container ships continue to grow substantially, the delivery time will be at least until 2024, so container shipping will continue to maintain a high level of prosperity in the next two years.


The port’s innovation capabilities and the supply chain’s transshipment capabilities. If these capabilities cannot be resolved, it will be futile to increase the number of ships. The core competitiveness of shipping companies in the future is that whoever is more sticky with customers will be able to create greater value.


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