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Why does the fabric shrink?

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The main reason for fabric shrinkage

1. Mainly due to the different tensions of warp and weft yarns during processing, the degree of bending of warp and weft yarns is different. After being soaked and dried in a free state, the bending shape of warp and weft yarns will automatically return to a balanced state, which is called weaving The effect of shrinking adjustment has resulted in shrinkage.


2. Anisotropic expansion of the fiber when it is soaked, that is, the length and diameter of the fiber increase, but the increase in diameter is much greater than the increase in length. For example, the diameter of cotton fiber increases by 14% after being soaked, but the length only increases by 1.1%~1.2%. Therefore, after the fabric is soaked, the fiber in the fabric becomes thicker due to expansion, but the length does not increase much, and the yarn must follow The thickening of the fiber increases the diameter.


3. Warp and weft yarns hug each other in the fabric. If the diameter of the weft yarn increases, the length of the warp yarn must increase to maintain the state of wrapping the weft yarn. However, the length of the warp yarn is impossible without increasing external force. As it grows, the distance between the weft yarns is bound to be tightened, that is, the density of the weft yarns increases, resulting in warp shrinkage of the fabric. Weft yarn has the same phenomenon.


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