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Why do metalworking fluids use defoaming agents?

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Metal working fluid is mainly used for metal working liquid, mainly play a role in lubrication and cooling, and rust prevention and cleaning.The general metal working fluid includes cutting fluid, cutting oil, emulsion, stamping oil, quenching agent, high temperature oil, extreme pressure cutting fluid, grinding fluid, antirust oil, cleaning agent, blackening agent, deep drawing oil, thickening agent, etc.

The cause of the bubble

Waterborne metalworking fluids contain surfactant components, such as emulsifiers, dispersants or lubricants, in addition to base oils.Although these components are critical to the performance of metalworking fluids, they often form foams during production or application, affecting lubrication, resulting in poor cooling efficiency, and contaminating the workshop.

Antifoaming principles

The addition of defoaming agent significantly reduces the surface tension there. These substances generally have a low solubility to water, and the reduction of surface tension is limited to the local area of the foam, while the surface tension around the foam almost does not change.The part of the reduced surface tension is strongly pulled and extended in all directions, eventually causing the bubble to burst.

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