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Where does the textile foreign trade market go in the near future?

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First, the return orders from Europe, America, India, etc. are gradually controlled following the epidemic situation in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries, and the production of yarn mills, cloth mills and downstream industrial chains is gradually restored or lacks sustainability;

Second, according to the usual practice, the domestic market entered the off-season in June and July, and it remains to be seen whether the gauze can achieve "not off-season";

Third, the sea freight has risen sharply, the space is "difficult to find one ticket", and the serious accumulation of cargo in some ports in Europe and the United States has caused the increase in detention costs, etc. All need to be carefully considered, especially when receiving medium and long-term orders. ;

Fourth, there are still difficulties for textile and apparel companies to lock up foreign exchange, increase exchange rate fluctuation clauses in contracts, and sign forward foreign exchange settlement and sales agreements with banks; once the RMB appreciates sharply, the profits of textile and apparel companies will be swallowed up or even lost.

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