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When will the price increase of raw materials end?

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Chemical giants such as BASF, Dow, DuPont, and Wanhua have already "respected for the first increase." Many companies have even increased prices for the same product for 3-4 consecutive rounds. A new round of price increases seems inevitable.

However, as far as the current situation is concerned, there is still support for the chemical market to continue to rise, and the price increase of raw materials this time may continue for another 3-6 months!

With immediate effect, or as permitted by the existing contract, BASF will increase the price of additives for plastics applications worldwide, including heat stabilizers and UV stabilizers, antioxidants, processing aids, lubricants and pigments, by as much as 20%. The company attributed the price adjustment mainly to the large fluctuations in the price and supply of basic raw materials, as well as the rapid increase in freight rates.

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